Upcoming Workshops

with letter artist, Heleen de Haas:

Pointed Brush Lettering
18-19 October
The Dancing Brush, including writing on glass.Suitable for all people wishing to explore the creative process.
‘When you write, you must gather the free-flowing of your heart’ — The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan
This is not a workshop on learning a specific alphabet or style, but on learning how to dance with a pointed brush to the song of what or Whom your heart delights in, and in the process you will design your own alphabet.
Course fees: R1400 (Course and lunch fee for students not staying on the farm) Or R1680 (student rate including accommodation & meals for a three-night stay on Saturday, Sunday and Monday)
Venue: Letterhuis Studio, Aswater farm, Prince Albert
Times: Students are welcome to browse around the beautiful town of Prince Albert and arrive on the farm anytime after 14:00 on Saturday, and departing Tuesday am
To book your place, contact Heleen on heleen@calligraphy.za.net

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Followed by a 2 day Botanical workshop on 25th October 2020

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