Deidre Maree

I am a part-time art teacher and part-time artist living in Durban but return to my house in Prince Albert almost every school holiday. For three days of the week, I encourage my Grade 1 to Grade 7 learners to develop an appreciation for the visual arts and enable them to build the skills and techniques needed to express themselves confidently in a variety of media. On the remaining days, I pursue my other passion – oil and acrylic painting. In my work, I use images from personal experience and transform them through a mark-making technique to create a detailed, dynamic surface. Since the work is figurative, the stimuli for each of these investigative pieces are the photographs taken and my experience associated with those images.  I attempt to express through manipulation of compositional elements response to space, colour, light and form. By representing the natural and my emotional world with dignity, the painting becomes a description of both the physical and metaphysical.

In the years since I became a part-time teacher, I have taken part in many exhibitions, both in KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape. Most recently.

My work records my ongoing investigation into the art of painting. My search is for a fluent painting vocabulary that acknowledges the dual significance of the image and the painting process. By taking an image from my world and transforming it through the use of compositional elements of colour, contrast, tone, brushstroke, brushmark, transparency/opacity, texture, and by acknowledging the canvas surface the painting becomes a description of both the physical and metaphysical, and a reflection of a state of being.

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