Donna McKellar

I am primarily a landscape painter living in Cape Town. I have painted really large-scale landscapes from 2m to 4 m wide and 2m high.  and I delve into painting miniatures to balance out the scale. I also have on ongoing love for the human figure and portraits, and I am practicing and learning as much as I can in that genre as well.
I try and capture enigmatic and peaceful scenes of South African landscapes, and its remote buildings, industrial and urban moments, and even large sea vessels and oil rigs. My work can be highly detailed and simple and emotive in nature. The themes I cover are centred around the idea of urban decay; loss of beauty and strength and relate to the common man’s everyday resilience. I am inspired by various aspects of everyday life and my perceptions as a painter, such as light and shadow; architecture and geography, memory and emotion. I studied at the school for Art Music and Ballet, matriculating in 1981and have worked in some form of art industry ever since then. I worked at various advertising agencies and in 1987 my sister and I opened a design and advertising studio which we operated for many years. I slowly moved out of the commercial art world and started painting seriously when I moved to Cape Town in 1995. I have not looked back and I love every moment in my studio practicing my art exploring the dynamic field of fine arts. I have been represented by various galleries and my work has been sent and collected in many countries around the world. In Prince Albert I have a small gallery space within Cinnamon and Grace, a beautifully curated homeware, gift and jewellery store.

My guest artist in the studio is Marcelle Sprong, a fibre artist whom I have exhibited with on many occasions in the past 20 years. Marcelles’ work is delicate, deep and intriguing beyond measure.  Marcelle attended Johannesburg Art College in 1974 after which she studied Textile Design at Pretoria Art Technician and then worked in the industry for many years. In 2018 she studied at Michaelis completing her Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, working mostly with fabric and soft sculpture, incorporating embroidery, charcoal, ink and oil painting. She says” Cloth has been a mysterious repository for me, needle and thread act as sutures for healing and these have been implemented for remembering, reconstructing and retelling. The repetitive act of sewing is an ordering system for thoughts and a vehicle to access my subconscious.” Among larger textile works of found fabric, salvaged lace, thread and embroidery, she creates delightful, intricate creatures out of wire, beads, satin ribbon and lace.

Contact Donna on 0837782737
Studio Cinnamon and Grace. 32 Church street Prince Albert