Karoo Looms – Sophia Booley

As an all women team, we share the same vision and work together in developing and sustaining the craft of handweaving. But the weavery is about more …its about giving back to the women who have carried the weavery through the years, and those to come, giving them a sense of pride and not letting their efforts go unnoticed. Karoo Looms has a unique team of skilled women and we would like to preserve their skills and transfer their knowledge to future generations, giving others the opportunity to learn a skill and earn an income in a family like environment, where we encourage passion, honesty, hard work and most importantly a safe environment where they feel grateful to spend their days working towards a better future for the people of South Africa.
Mohair from the Angora goat and Sheep’s Wool, both natural fibers, are our choices for the looms, each having its own unique properties.
Mohair continues to show its face on the catwalks of the world to the wardrobes and home interiors of the rich and famous… a truly prestigious fiber.

Visit Karoo Looms at:
The Souk
Industrial Area. Arterial Road, off Magrietha Prinsloo Street.

Call Sophia on 0828194852