Louisa Punt- Fouche

Born and based in South Africa, Louisa’s artworks, and poetry overflows with free and spontaneous expression in words and images of her experience of the world as infinite paradox, united in one existence. Her poetry and art are textural compositions of touch and feeling in multiple voices.

In an inexplicable way, the winding path of the “creative fire”, has swept her along, where her life as a Jungian psychologist (D.Phil.), yoga teacher and custodian of all the neglected aspects of nature, animal, children, women – became works of art.

“My ultimate concern as an artist is to show up in the crucible of change that will encourage humanity to a path of kindness”.

Art – Exhibitions Her art has been exhibited in numerous solo- and group exhibitions since 1995, (14 solo – exhibitions, 36 group – exhibitions)

As a voracious reader and explorer of ideas, she has found it appropriate to use a wide range of expressive media: pen and ink drawings on rice paper, line and aquatint etchings, monotypes, collages, pastels, mixed media, conceptual art, texture art, mandala drawing and environmental installations.

Her latest works are especially engaged with Rorschach”-like images and silhouettes. Elements like water, salt, acid (etching) or fire are used to remove areas adding ”nothingness” to “somethingness”, at once an elemental infusion and an emptying into a richer wholeness – an interplay between the micro and the macro, form and emptiness, East and West ,script dripping alongside or inside the elemental energies. These artworks foray into the genre of integral art.

Poetry-Word-images Louisa’s art/photos and poetry have been published in nine graphic books – Webs of EnchantmentDaar is kewers in my RuggraatSkaarser-as-Skaarste OewerkonynRarest Riverine Rabbit and Ek skryf met Bloed en Bene, Karoo Pilgrimage, On the Fence of Fears, Die Kantloper. She has numerous international “word- image” publications.

Contact Louisa
071 761 6942 or 023 5411 105
Studio – Kredouw Olive Estate. On R407 24 km towards Klaarstroom