Sally Arnold

Sally is a professional botanical Fine Artist and designer. She holds a Master’s degree in Art History from Frankfurt University/Germany, and a Diploma in Botanical Art from the Society of Botanical Art/UK. She has exhibited bronzes, oil paintings and botanical drawings internationally since 1996, and is currently working on design signage, a mobile sculpture and public bronzes for a new school campus in Luxembourg.

Growing up on an isolated Great Karoo sheep farm, she was fascinated by sculptural and unusual flower and plant forms from an early age. These, together with colour and movement, inform her work and are a constant source of inspiration. Drawing attention to these exquisite metaphors for our own, transient, Earth presence seems imperative in the face of man’s exploitation of nature.
She adores thick, luxurious, handcrafted paper or fine linen canvas made in traditional mills. Using pure, organic materials, cured during natural drying processes, her painted oil surfaces develop a supple luminance resisting crackling. Varnishes are matt or sometimes glossy. Her work is based on drawing, is slow and artisanal, uses the very best materials and strives for technical mastery. 

Contact Sally
082 710 5909
Studio – 15A Nieuwe Street