Turid Bergstedt

Turid will be exhibiting at the PA Gallery in June 2022

Turid Bergstedt has been making kaleidoscopes since 1992, after completing her studies in Fine Art, Journalism and Photography at Rhodes University. Her favourite media are kaleidoscopes and paper mâché sculpture. Early on in her career, she was involved with papier mâché design, manufacturing children’s furniture.

Turid’s passion for kaleidoscope manufacture is not only the science and mathematics involved in the process, but that the making puts one in touch with oneself. “While viewing it, both sides of your brain are use and it puts you into a trancelike state. It helps with problem solving and creativeness. Everyone sees something different and every time you look in a kaleidoscope you see something different. It can give you a fresh perspective on a problem.”

Kaleidoscopes have evolved over time. And there are many types and styles of kaleidoscopes. The beauty arises from the geometry. The better the kaleidoscopes are made, the better the outcome. Turid creates beautifully crafted scopes of varying sizes and has done many successful commissions.

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