Di Smith

With no formal training and no rules to break, I happily express my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences in a variety of non-verbal ways.

If I had one wish for the world, it would be to have every person, create something. To grow, to learn, to express, to understand, to heal, to respect and to value, we need to create.

Living in the Karoo, I find myself drawn to painting the vast landscapes in small oils or large acrylics, capturing the beauty of distant horizons and big skies.

My sculptural pieces are created in bronze, wood, or ceramic. My conceptual work explores and are often inspired by events in my life or the world around me. I experiment with different media and materials to create new combinations and textures.

I collect an array of items almost every day, such as wood, metal, seeds, stones, rusty things, bones, teeth, glass, feathers, nails, tins, wire, and other bits and pieces that I find wherever I go. These items form the foundation of my assemblage work. Though I can’t explain why I’m attracted to each piece, there’s something about its shape, age, history, or essence that draws me to it. The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, which values the beauty of things that are incomplete, imperfect, and impermanent, ‘perfectly’ encapsulates my love for found objects.

When I assemble these items, they interact in ways I don’t always understand, yet I feel deeply connected to them. The histories of these objects merge, creating something new and meaningful. Ultimately, my goal is to get lost in the process and hopefully create something that evokes a thought, emotion, or comment from the viewer.

Contact Di
083 643 6660

Studio – 52 Nieuwe Street.