Di Smith

Di will also be hosting guest artists Leli Hoch, who’s work can be found on www.lelihoch.co.za

I am, now, for the last 3 years, a full time multidisciplinary artist As a late starter with no formal training and with no rules to break, I happily express my thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences in a wide variety of non-verbal ways.

If I had one wish for the world, it would be to have every person, create something. In order to grow, to learn, to express, to understand, to respect and to value, we need to create.

Painting, Conceptual Work and Sculpture: Since living in the Great Karoo, I cannot help but paint, in oils, the vistas that surround me. The broken horizons and big skies. Sculpture can be bronze, wood or ceramic. My conceptual work is usually an expression of events in the world, in my life and things I react to emotionally.  Sometimes the painting, sculpture and conceptual merge into one. I am continually experimenting with a combination of media and materials and what they represent to me. 

Assemblage : I pick up things, almost every day, – wood, metal, seeds, stones, rusty things, bones, teeth, glass, feathers, nails, tins, wire, and other bits and pieces I find every day, wherever I am. I cannot easily explain what attracts me to each piece, perhaps it is the shape, their age, their history, their essence or just that they once existed in another time and place as something else. Wabi Sabi – the Japanese aesthetic of finding beauty in things incomplete, imperfect and impermanent probably best sums up my love of found objects.
When I put them together, they somehow connect and interact in a way I don’t always understand, yet feel deeply about, their histories come together and something new is created. This newness from oldness is what appeals to me. I sculpt in wood, ceramic and more recently bronze.

All I really want is to continuously get lost in the process and I would love my work to evoke some thought, emotion or comment by the viewer.   

Contact Di
083 643 6660

Studio – 51 Nieuwe Street.

Di will also be hosting guest artists Leli Hoch, who’s work can be found on www.lelihoch.co.za

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