Di van der Riet Steyn

Jewellery designer, Goldsmith, Gemologist, entrepreneur.
Di lives in the village of Prince Albert with her husband and two children on a small holding 2 hectares big. Creating jewellery out of ‘found’ objects has been an obsession of hers since university.

Starting her career by studying a Bachelors of Fine Art majoring in Jewellery design at Stellenbosch University in 1979. There after she won a scholarship to further her studies in both England and Germany. After she lived and worked across Europe she came back to South Africa where she mainly worked in Plettenberg Bay, exhibiting widely and doing a lot of commission work. In 1999 she moved to Prince Albert and she continued to work in both gold and silver as well as starting her own line.

Her current line ‘Karoo Blues’ is inspired by the collection of found objects she has gathered over the years.

“In a ‘dorp’ which is rich in history, one often walks nose down in the veld, searching for that piece…bits of Karoo blue and red shards. I wonder who used that piece of crockery 150 years ago? Someone else’s precious plate or cup, treasures in the ground, discarded in the garbage heap.”

These little gems are wrapped in pure silver and transformed into wearable one of a kind Karoo Blues.

Contact Di on 082 937 2978
Studio – 15 Pastorie Street