ND Mazin ( Andy Mason)

I am in the midst of relocating from Scarborough on the Cape Peninsula to Prince Albert. I’m kind of semi-retired after a long career doing what I love — writing, drawing, teaching, researching and writing about comics and cartooning, and putting all kinds of illustrated publications together. Back in the dark days of apartheid while I was a student in Durban, I started a comic called Vittoke in Azania and the characters I invented for that comic are still appearing in my comics today. The Legend of Blue Mamba, my first full-length graphic novel, came out in 2010. I’m busy with a sequel, Apocalypse Wow!, which I’ve been busy with since April 2020 when Covid-19 first hit us. I hope to self-publish a limited edition of Part One of this book for the Open Studios exhibition.

About five years ago I started a Comics Club in Muizenberg called ToonZA, where I’ve been teaching the Art of Comics. All my classes will now be on Zoom, unless there are enough people in Prince Albert who might be interested in joining a live group. You can find out more about ToonZA at https://www.ndmazin.co.za

In 2016 I started painting seriously and I’m stoked that the Prince Albert Gallery has accepted some of my paintings. Like most of my work, these images all have stories behind them. To my mind, comics and animation are amongst the most powerful art forms in the world today. Computer technology has made it possible for almost anybody who can paint or draw to make their own visual narratives, whether they be comics or videos.

My new studio at 9 Nuwestraat is in an old mudbrick outbuilding  previously used by Alf Gundersen, one of Prince Albert’s most renowned artists, who died in 2009. I’m looking forward to putting up my show in this historic space, and meeting the artists, storytellers, readers and art lovers of Prince Albert.

Contact Andy at
Studio: 9 Nuwe Street
Call: 0828993091