Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT)

“The Prince Albert Community Trust (PACT) is committed to serving as a change agent by making a lasting impact through empowering and enabling the youth of the greater area it serves, while fighting to transform the current status quo of inequality still so deeply embedded in our society. We have three focus areas where we strategically place our interventions and investment – education, health and well-being, and youth and skills development. We believe that these are the areas where we can have the biggest impact and drive transformation.”

Artists participating at PACT:

Elcado Blom was born in Leeu Gamka 27 years ago. He attended Zwartberg High School in Prince Albert and left the school in grade 10, due to personal circumstances. He remembers his first drawing at the age of 7, it was of a duck and at 14 he did his first painting of a dovecote.
At the beginning of 2019, Heloise Vorster of Leeu Gamka contacted the community trust of Prince Albert, asking for someone to help this young man go further. Louis Jansen van Vuuren, based in France began with long distance teaching of Elcado on a daily basis. This was prompted by the Prince Albert Community Trust.
Elcado met Louis in 2020 at the Woordfees for the first time. He paints and draws daily and has sold of his work to clients as far as Mississippi, USA,Singapore,France, London and England and all over south Africa. His work is charming and mostly reflects the landscape and life of a small Karoo town.
Mary Anne Botha, a Prince Albert artist, also assists Elcado on a monthly basis with classes.Elcado has started in 2021 doing graffiti and met falko a famous graffiti artist and a friend of falko Matthew of Australia . In 2022 elcado was on kyknet show named karoobewoners and has sold many paintings after the show. Elcado do start be a photographer in 2022 and has be teaching by Louis Botha a professional photographer in Prince Albert. Elcado was apart of open studios 2020,2021,2022 2023 and will be apart of 2024 open studios . Elcado was a photographer at the journey to jazz 2023 and 2024 was interview By KLOP! On kyknet and will be on 26 May 2024 on KLOP!

Ethan Martin was born in Prince Albert in 1991, moved to Warrenton in the Northern Cape in 1994, and has been there since. He found his love for visual arts through his late grandfather who was also an artist.
After 28 years of developing his skills in drawing and painting. He studied Graphic Designing in the Bloemfontein. Ethan decided to move back to Prince Albert to start a life as Graphic Designer and Visual Artists. Ethan is linked to the Prince Albert Community Trust and aims to inspire as many youngsters as possible with his n natural born talents and hopes to change as many lives within his community as he can, through his art.

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