Diane Johnson- Ackerman

Painter and printmaker Diane Johnson-Ackerman loves “simplicity, clean lines, detail and definition”. She describes mood to be an integral part of her message, which she achieves through strong tonal contrasts in light and shade.

Diane is inspired by the landscape and architecture of the Karoo: “the light and space and stillness, the mood that darkness and light evoke… the mystery of the shadows within Karoo buildings contrasting with the clarity of light outside

She describes her point of view as “impersonal, uncommitted to any outcome, alone, reflective and compelling. Subtle gradation of light gives the form substance.

Diane majored in painting for her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at Rhodes University, 1973. She studied under Prof Brian Bradshaw, Prof Rob Brooks, Tom Mathews, Joss Nel and Neil Rodgers.

She is based in Somerset West, and her family has a second home in Prince Albert, where she curates a wonderful Open Studios experience:

Inside her house, one is surrounded by her framed work on the walls and can look through a selection of editions of her prints. Outback the ‘buite-kamer’ has been transformed into a small, but perfect printing studio and gallery of her work.

Contact Di
083 471 6878
Studio – 25 Christina de Wit Street