Mariana Botha

Mariana was born in Mokopane (Potgietersrus) in South Africa in 1956. She matriculated at Groote Schuur High School in Cape Town. Mariana always wanted to paint but being an artist was not in those days seen as a career by her parents. She studied in the economics and commercial sciences and started as a teacher in mathematics but soon followed a career of more than twenty years as a lecturer in economics at the Universities of Pretoria and Unisa respectively. When she was 47years old she could no longer suppress the longing to be creative and with the children at that stage
studying or in high school she, with the encouragement of her husband, qualified herself as an interior design and decorating consultant. Mariana then had her own interior decorating and design company in Pretoria for many years.
Mariana loves the veld and nature. As a child she spent her school holidays on a farm in the bushveld near Baltimore, where her father farmed with Afrikaner stud cattle. Where most children went on sea holidays, holidays for her meant walking in the veld, studying the dung beetles and ants at work, hearing the call of the hornbill and looking at the star filled skies above the “braaivleis” fire at night.
The spectacular spectrum of colours displayed by nature was imprinted in her brain during those
childhood years.
In 2014 she and her husband (the photographer Louis Botha) permanently moved from Pretoria to
Prince Albert in the Great Karoo and since then they travelled the karoo extensively. It was only then that she found the time to live out her life-long dream of becoming a full-time painter and artist. On these travels Mariana takes her own photographs from which she paints when she is back at her studio. She now lives and work in George and Prince Albert respectively.
Mariana did a painting course with Dale Elliott and attended a few workshops by Erika van Zyl. She is a member of SCAVA and participate in their competitions and exhibitions. She also exhibits her work on the Prince Albert Open Studio platform twice a year. Her work can be seen in The Prince Albert Gallery as well as at Art at 39 Long Street in Great Brak River.

Contact Mariana on 082 4500 513
Studio 19 Klip Street

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