Mariana Botha

Mariana has an academic background. She taught maths at secondary level and economics at tertiary level. Later in life, she qualified herself as an interior design and décor consultant and managed her own business in that capacity for many years.

When she and her husband, Louis moved to Prince Albert 6 years ago, only then did she find the time to start painting on a full-time basis, something she longed to do for a long time.

‘I love colour, texture, harmony and balance in compositions and basically all things beautiful’.

Mariana believes that beauty can be found in the smallest of detail or the grandeur of beautiful skyscapes, landscapes or seascapes. It all depends on one’s ability to see, appreciate and capture.

Mariana’s sensitivity to the role of light, shadows and contrast in portraying the essence of beauty is evident in all her work.

Mariana paints in oil, mainly in her studio and from her own photographs. She aims to express the emotional connection she has with each subject.

Mariana is mainly self-taught although she attended several courses presented by different artists. Mariana’s work can also be viewed in The Karoo Gallery in Prince Albert.

Contact Mariana
082 450 0513
Studio – Prince Albert Gallery

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